Welcome to my blog.  My name is Jon Seeley and I’m a full-stack senior software engineer.  I’ve been working in a Microsoft-based technology stack since .NET 1.0.  Throughout my career I’ve primarily focused on the web stack (ASP.NET WebForms, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, heck even Silverlight).  On the front-end I’ve used jQuery, angularJS, Angular, and React.  My experience has also crossed boundaries into WinForms, WPF, WCF Services and console applications.  I’m sharing here some of what I’ve learned and continue to learn.  Learn more about me.

Recent Posts

How unit testing made me a better developer

Developing yourself as a software engineer is important for progression. One tool you should incorporate in your arsenal is unit ...
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Migrating WCF to gRPC using .NET Core

Microsoft recently released .NET Core 3.0 and set the stage for WCF's exit. .NET Core no longer supports "full framework" ...
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Application logs are your friend (and how to read them)

Your software application will crash. Even the most principled software following the best practices will inevitably have a bad day ...
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Getting Solid with SOLID – Part 1 – Single Responsibility Principle

Single Responsibility Principle - Class has one job and does it well... unlike this road line painter. Software engineering is ...
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Finding your motivations for success

Recently I was faced with some difficult decisions regarding employment. I had been experiencing some internal strife and as a ...
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