Hello world – A programmer’s obligatory salutation

This is an obligatory “Hello World” post seeing as I’m a developer.  My intention is to post weekly about programming topics: what I’m working on, what I’ve discovered, and where I’m going.  I’m hoping that this will serve as a resource for others as much as an archive for me.  Learn more about me.

At least initially I will be blogging primarily about .NET Core (netcore) and ReactJS. I work in several other technologies as well so don’t be surprised if they sneak in.

Basic Introduction – Hello World!

I’m a “full-stack” developer and I’ve been working in the industry since 2004. I’ve always been interested in computers though my affinity for them developed initially with playing video games in DOS. Over the years I learned how to build and maintain my own machines, dabbled with programming early on in BASIC, and eventually got serious about it.

My first foray in software development was while working tech support at a custom development shop. Little by little I was given opportunity to do bug fixes on some of our internal software, rebuild the company website using ASP.NET, and more. It was through connections made during my time there that I branched out to my first FT gig.


Ultimately the purpose of this blog is two-fold: 1) serve as a platform for me to virtually mentor others 2) help solidify my own knowledge about subjects by writing about them.

My daily focus is on C#/.NET (primarily Core) so I imagine the majority of my posts will in some way center there. I do work a bit on the front-end as well so I’d expect some posts to journey that direction. Recently I’ve been working in React on the front-end so it is safe to assume that’s where a lot of my front-end focus will be.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and please feel free to drop a line!


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash