Dependency Injection in a DotNetCore Console Application

Injecting the apple with naughtiness

In my last post I talked about creating a .NET Core console application for removing advertisements from a recorded stream.  I glossed over some of the things I did in that application such as hooking up dependency injection and configuration management.  Today I’m going to talk about implementing dependency injection in a DotNetCore console application.

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Removing advertisements from recorded video streams

Film Reel - Credit Denise Jans - Unsplash

Hypothetically, let’s say I have some software that records streaming video from the interwebs. For the sake of this exercise I’m also pretending this software is called PlayOn.  Next, I’m imagining that the recorded streams also include advertisements. Continuing into our hypothetical journey I’m guessing I have a media center where I host the recorded media. 

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Programmer’s Obligatory Hello world!

Hello World!

This is an obligatory “Hello World” post seeing as I’m a developer.  My intention is to post weekly about programming topics: what I’m working on, what I’ve discovered, and where I’m going.  I’m hoping that this will serve as a resource for others as much as an archive for me.  Learn more about me.

At least initially I will be blogging primarily about .NET Core (netcore) and ReactJS. I work in several other technologies as well so don’t be surprised if they sneak in.


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash